• Mexico Crystal Caves
    Natural Wonders

    Mexico Crystal Caves

    Mexico Crystal Caves The monstrous goliath crystals were found in 2000 after water was siphoned out of the Cave by a mining organization. Two excavators saw the crystals when they entered the drying…

  • What Is A Crop Circle
    Natural Wonders

    What Is A Crop Circle

    What Is A Crop Circle crop circles — unusual examples that appear bafflingly overnight in ranchers’ fields—incite puzzlement, pleasure, and interest among the press and public. The rings are generally found in the…

  • Cave of crystal Crystal Cave

    Cave of crystal “Crystal Cave.”

    Cave of crystal “Crystal Cave.” Introduction Twenty and one years ago, a tunnel underneath Naica Mountain was mined in Mexico City by two brothers working for Industrias Peñoles. They mistakenly trod the Sistine…