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Couples Retreat Therapy

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Couples Retreat Therapy

You may have heard about couples retreat therapy from your friends and colleagues.  Maybe you and your partner need some support and a romantic getaway. If so, this could be for you.
Couples retreat therapy is designed for couples, and it is an exclusive counseling therapy, yoga, and a full destination retreat for couples; it is done under expert relationship therapists, yoga counselor teachers, counselors, faith-based, churches, or relationship advisors. It does depend on the retreat and what they offer couples.


Why should you and your life partner go for couple’s retreat therapy?

These great couple retreats are a fantastic opportunity for couples to know more about their partners and get into a much more vulnerable and profound level. Many times as a couple both of you can be so busy with running your life as the business of life, you may not even know how the other half feels and what they are thinking.

Often couples have felt alone in a relationship. By the end of most couple retreat therapy, you will be able to improve the relationship with your other half and will also be able to get a sense of the emotional, mental and physical intimacy connection with your partner on very deep levels.

Spiritual connection is very important, it is like when you first looked into your partners’ eyes and could feel their soul looking back deeply into yours.
That intense feeling of love and connection. This is what a couples retreat therapy can do. Give you tools to revive and reconnect on so many levels.
Doing this without the daily stresses of life and the everyday responsibilities on your shoulders. It is not that these are bad or good. In life, recharging is very important, not only in your relationship as a couple but with yourself.
At couples retreats your not dealing with anything but you and your partner’s relationship and bonding. Stresses can make your bond weaker with your partner and your health for that matter. No relationship is perfect, not even the one with yourself and that is the beauty of it all. However, enjoying a beautiful environment and cutting out time for just the two of you can greatly improve most situations.

How do couples retreat therapy work?

We were not taught how to be in relationships growing up, we only learned through the environment around us. Unless your parents were therapists or counselors. Which is rare. So, If that environment was not healthy, then as children we adopt these behaviors into our relationships as adults. Then we start to see those good old patterns come up with no tools to help.

That is a point when you ask did I marry my mom or father? Patterns in our subconscious can run our lives including the ones we have with others. This is one of the many ways couples retreat therapy comes in to support couples facing blocks or crises in their relationship.

This does work by giving you tools as a couple. In the retreat, both of you will receive support from a professional trained to support and grow your relationship to a deeper level The environment itself can be beautiful and relaxing to de-stress and raise the feels good in the brain. You will also be able to be more vulnerable which creates a deepened bond with your partner creating more harmony and intimacy.

Why couples go to retreat therapy when to go?

experiencing intimacy and sexual issues
recovery after an affair
might be experiencing the empty nest challenges
have the midlife crises
communication problems
experienced the pain and loss of a child
thinking about separation or divorce

Couples retreat therapy is not just for those couples facing a crisis in their relationship. Couples often go before any patterns or blocks arise just to learn new ways of being in a relationship. So when you do get married or move in with each other, you know evolved ways to be in a partnership before making serious commitments to your partner and your life together.

You will also learn a lot about yourself. This is so important in being in a relationship. If you don’t understand yourself, how can you even expect someone else to understand you? This type of therapy assists with it all.
Couples retreat therapy is not a quick fix. If you are experiencing any form of physical, mental, or emotional abuse and or domestic violence. It would be time to leave and seek some serious help from your abusive relationship. Couples retreat therapy is mainly for couples who have somewhere lost the connection of intimacy or are learning new ways of being in a relationship as a partner in life.


Why you might just love going to a retreat with your partner and sort things out?

Imagine you are in a beautiful, cozy, and private setting, which will allow you to get relaxed. While the therapist is guiding and supporting you and your partner. Teaching you and your partner new perceptions and tools to work in a loving beautiful way. You are on a beach or maybe a mountain. It’s warm, you vulnerable, and being totally supported and loved.
The couples retreat therapy has exercises; role-plays, lectures, and discussion will be combined to create this remarkable and romantic vacation experience for couples.
There will be a welcome session where the therapist will gather all the information about your marriage or partnership in a well-structured interview. The therapist will also help you to identify what is challenging in your relationship and what you should be focusing on to the path of a more romantic, strong bond with your partner.
Most couples can revive the connection with their partner and deepen their emotional, mental, and sexual bond; in short, you will grow personally and with your partner.

Things to consider before making a decision on a Couple Retreats

Look for Couple Retreats with therapists who are taught to be neutral in the approach. This is not about getting someone to take your side. This is finding an environment for your relationship to thrive. Talk to the therapist before committing travel. You should be interviewing them. Both of you would want to feel comfortable with the chosen therapists.

If you are faith-based, then find someone in the middle if you are of different religions or faiths. They have vegan places if you are vegan. It goes on and on. We are very fortunate in this day and age.

Couples retreats are worldwide. This is also a getaway for both of you. Find somewhere, you both love. Maybe it could be on a beach in the tropics, or you both love to ski and prefer snow. Plan this out as you would a holiday with your loved one. This should be fun. Not dread. You have chosen to grow together, treat it as such. If you can’t decide then just pull from hat!!!

There are plenty of places locally for couples to go as well. You can always find some in your area. If you are in therapy right now, you can always ask your therapist what they would recommend.

In hopes, your relationship thrives and you grow as a couple and as individuals!

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